“After having 2 children I struggled to get back to my weight pre baby and really thought this is the way my body would be now. Towards the end of last year my husband told me about the work Chris Jones was doing and suggested we give it a go and see what happens.
In the space of few short weeks the results were visible and I had started to shift the stubborn weight. Guided and coached by Chris in less than 3 months I had reached the target weight and could see notable changes in my back and stomach areas.
Since then I have now entered a lean bulk phrase which has seen me adding more calories and strength in the gym and I am continuing to see visible results in my body. Something I never thought would never be possible for me a mum if 2 in my mid 30’s.
The last few months have been hard work but totally rewarding and I feel in such a happier place both physically and mentally as a result of being part of #teamaon and the coaching I have been given by Chris. I believe this is my way of life now and the knowledge I have gained is something I will be able to use for the rest of my life.”