“I have been an avid gym goer for easily 15 years, and in that time i would say I have achieved a nice beer belly. I started to think about the way I wanted to portray myself to my children, as someone that takes care and pride in themselves. I needed to make a change. This is where I got in touch with Chris Jones.
My main aim was to change my attitude towards food and to enjoy the gym again. Chris setup a eating and training plan and was always on hand for advise and support. Exactly what i needed and within a few short weeks i felt i had more energy I was working hard in the gym was already smashing personal bests with my weight training I was doing. I was starting to notice body changes around my mid section. I could see in the pictures I was becoming leaner and fitter, while eating more food than I would say I ever had. This has given me the tools required to go forward with my life, enjoying life but also working hard every day.